Benjamin Suzuki: Disappointed hummingbird: quasi-haiku and other short form poems, compiled by Kendal Q. Binmore_Part 3

Disappointed Hummingbird:

 quasi-haiku and other short form poems

 of Benjamin Suzuki

compiled by Kendal Q. Binmore

part 3

Suzuki poems

words freed

imprison elsewhere

falling leaf

hiding as butterfly

stilled shadows

cascade rock:

silent stream


twists time

looking back



of possibility

rock flow of faces

cascading down:

surged past

distant cliff

figured standing

on the falling lost

delicate presence

sounding great power:

hummingbird hovers

abundance of image:

mind released

from battle

bloated young sahuaro

falls in success

I walk in this desert canyon

until only audience remains

monasteried rock

rained statuette

sterile to our purpose

in twilight


light the sky


carved by feet

climbed success

conclaves of figured hope

passed on the path

rocks at my feet

in this dry wash

I  flow

on encumbrance of legs

cascading water

makes upright man

cactus spine

silvered in sun

declarative existence

sahuaro blossoms


to itself


glides along my path

points of evolution disparate


absent origin:


in my hands

a universe endures


thrusting out of ground

past  incomplete:

quartz quarry


delicate life

awaits to destroy

I take your cry into myself

as foreign to you

as you are to me

envelope of greeting

protective bubble

against fear

tangential life

propelled to an elsewhere

by my presence

in this seat

I speak of God

to vanquish my living

throw outsider

on the laughter

keeping toasty warm

face passed to face

image knows no victory

mountain stands

ground cobbled of worlds

through travel

mountain path

dislocated on the cortex


takes no stand

shattered quartz

destruction’s crystalized past


struggling toward apart

making tree

rock wedged

in rock

image made


vigiled as squirrel

vanishes as I approach

cactus limbs

bow pardon

at their presence

dense humanity

dense rock


made of disparate elements

on the ground


stilled between

escaping mountains

living in between

delicate thunder:

hummingbird hovers

faces failing

purpose gone

become mountain again


mountain top falls

supporting image on its side


 carved in our glance

cries our presence

eroding personage

decaying for the life of others

in the life of others


desert path

gone into silence

when we look up

Mitland/Suzuki poems

on cliff shear

ridged faces

war our present

sentineled stone

of neighborless history

surging mountain:

frozen escape

defeated outcropping

of rock


visage for others

audienced cliff



too dense of script

awaits our shatter

grinned rock

unearthed by stepping feet

prepares to live


struggled rock

pulling itself from creation

canyoned path

figures stand

in sheared rock

frozen wind

fossilized possibility:

bird men in rocks


jagged beauty

waiting to impale:

canyon floor

ancient rock slide

makes a man

action at a distance

From decaying granite

figures stand

watching history pass

outcrop decays

into people

attached to creation

Mesa Verde

of some other world

pitted cliff

 (Mesa Verde, late Anasazi cliff dwellings, c. 1190 ce,

apparently located for defense against others as

part of the general Anasazi collapse [KQB])

figures in rock


of what could have been

pebbles on the path:

frozen history

supporting our stride in now

pebbled histories

rolling under our feet

in hope we fall

black fingers of rock

surging to war


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