Kendal Q. Binmore: Quetzalcoatl: journeyman in story, contents

Quetzalcoatl: journeyman in story

Kendal Quetzalcoatl Binmore


Department of Literature and Literary Criticism, Yale University, emeritus


William Blake Chair in Fine Arts, California Institute of Technology, Traditional Campus, emeritus



1. My naming.


2. My Mentors


3. On Harvard Square


4. Night soliloquy of a critic


5. Academic Hospitality


6. On my Ground


7. Apocalypse, Always


8. Thunderbird


9. Problems with Suzuki’s satori


10. The Nazi Hunter


11. On the wind of a flute


12. The Game Theorist


13. Circling the altar of truth



See separate pages for entries, usually divided into blocks of 6.

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